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SBCGlobal Email Support

Are you own SBCGlobal account or you have recently open your email account with SBCGlobal? SBCGlobal is the leading and world’s biggest email providing company. It provides excellent email service to its customers in security as well as in terms of some extraordinary features. But sometimes new users face some issues regarding password change or deleting account.

If you are also facing same issues you can take help of their technical support or you can follow these procedures to help with these issues:

You can set up SBCGlobal POP both as well as automatically and manually.
Steps for hoe to set up SBCGlobal POP settings-

SBCGlobal email support phone number

  • Tap “mail, contacts, calendars” under the iphone’s setting.
  • Next, tap on “add account”, and then tap on “Yahoo!”.
  • Here, in the columns, enter your name, email address, password and a account description.
  • Now you have to tap to tap to select from the options of items available with its account that you want to use further on your iphone.
  • So when it’s done follow these steps-
  • Tap “mail, contacts, calendars” under the iphone’s setting
  • tap on “add account”, then tap on “Other”
  • Choose “mail” as account type.
  • Enter your name, email address, password and a account description.
  • Add the incoming mail POP server name (
  • Add outgoing mail SMTP server name (
  • Now Press “Save”

 And here…You are done!

SBCGlobal Password reset

  • Visit the official website of the AT&T by clicking on the link
  • click on the envelope button and sign-in with email address and password
  • Thereafter, click on “Hi your name” located at the top of the page.
  • Under the same, select Yahoo Account Info and thereafter, move to the Manage Password and Account Security.
  • You may be prompted to enter your login credentials again, enter the same and click Login.
  • Password recovery page will appear, enter your current password and thereafter enter your New Password.
  • To confirm your New Password, enter the same password again.
  • After filling such details, click save changes

You are all done!!

How to contact SBCGlobal email support phone number

Live chat
Sorry to inform you but SBCGlobal does not offer support through live chat.

Here are some contact numbers you can try to reach to AT&T:
AT&T Phone Number: 1800-560-4566
New customers: 1800-560-4566

SBCGlobal Email Support Contact Number

SBSGlobal is an abbreviated name of southwestern Bell Telephone Company which is the subsidiary of ATT. This company provides excellent telecommunication service across the globe. Its Email service has been best which provides secure and uninterrupted communication.

Despite many advantages it has some technical issues that come over period of time over the customers. Sometimes users get disappointed when its service in accessing the mail. If you are one of them, there is no need to reach out to support providing platforms that are often misleading, instead just get in touch with SBCGlobal Customer Support that can be reached at any time of the day. SBCGlobal have expert customers supporting executives who are known for the most satisfactory solutions.

Undoubtedly, the SBCGlobal email service is one of the best email services with its amazing features, awesome customer support, and the most powerful security system. These three things are very important, and a good email service must have these three qualities. It is compulsory for business emails to have these qualities. Since the SBCGlobal email service is providing all these three, so this is why the SBCGlobal mail service is popular among users and is also used for business purposes.

But, in spite of having so many good qualities, this email service may sometimes get caught by some technical issues. These issues are very annoying though, but they can easily be fixed with the help of SBCGlobal email support which is available 24*7, and that too free of cost. The condition may be sometimes very worsed especially when you are unable to get connected to the SBCGlobal email phone number, through the phone calls. There may be various reasons behind this to happen, but some of the common ones are:-

  • 1. Heavy call traffic and you are always getting a busy tone.
  • 2. Network error on your mobile device.
  • 3. You are at any crowded place, and thus unable to make the call.

If this happens to you even then, you don’t need to get worried about, because here again, the SBCGlobal gives you the other option to contact them. This option is the “SBCGlobal email phone number” provided by the SBCGlobal. This additional feature makes this email service even more worthy. The mail support is known to be highly responsive to get your issue fixed asap. You just need to drop an email to them, and you can see how quickly and easily they have fixed the issue. To get help from the email support what you only need are:-

Sbcglobal email account. It’s good to have the same account which is registered with the SBCGlobal or the ATT. Well, you should not get confused between these two because both are the same from the time the companies SBCGlobal and the AT&T outage got merged together.

Secondly, you need to have to good internet connection. It is a very basic requirement to use an online service including email support.

Also, you should make sure that the SBCGlobal email support address should not be in your blocked list, because if it will so, then you just can’t get the reply from the company. So, you must check it before proceeding further.

Actually, getting the email support from a company like SBCGlobal is not just all about dropping just a mail, but there are some procedures to make your email look more professional and easy to understand by the executive.

Let’s see, how to write the complaint email or the query email to SBCGlobal net email support.

Here, you may have two cases that are: –
1. You want the support through the email which is registered with the company.
2. You want the support through the email which is not registered with the SBCGlobal.

For case 1:- You want the support through the email which is registered with the company.

  • First of all, you have to mention the subject very clearly. The subject should neither be too long and nor too short, and also it should be easy to understand by the executive.
  • In the body of the mail, you have to clearly explain the issue or the queries. If your email is about any issues that you are facing with the email service, then you must mention the date when the problem got started. You used not use highly advanced words in your email, because these words may make you email unable to understand rather than making it look cool. Also, customer support may not pay attention to your emails if you use such hard words. So, it’s better to write a simple email as simple as possible. You can expect the reply with 1 to 2 or 3 days, or even sometimes you may get the reply within a few hours too.

for case 2:-You want the support through the email which is not registered with the SBCGlobal

If you want to get help from the unregistered email which is not registered with the SBCGlobal then you must make sure to do the following.

The subject should be mentioned very clearly. I have already explained it above how to do it.

In the body of the email, along with mentioning the issue or the query, you also have to mention your registered email, and the reason why you can’t use the registered email. Since the SBCGlobal email support pays more attention towards the security issue, therefore if you want help this way, then it may take some time till they don’t verify your authorization to access the account. Once the process will get completed, they will fix your issue asap.