how to change outlook password

change outlook password

To determine how to change outlook password, nevertheless, just obey the measures below. if you’re practising an Apple, Yahoo, or Gmail email in Outlook, serve our directors with those sets, then hop to the segment quickly below to get your credentials in the Outlook app itself. 

There are various circumstances which can indicate, it’s time to switch the password. The chief goals are specified below:

  • You necessity increase your identification in cause you have overlooked it.
  • You must alter your phrase if you ever come opposite unique login or any action. This designates that your statement has been chopped or someone headed to gain passage to your account.
  • Ultimately, you must adjust your signal if you ever blunder beyond any signal reset link transmitted by the email provider.

How to Change Outlook Password

Here is quick fix for these issues because sometimes we deleted various mails mistakenly so apply following settings to operate it:

  • Click to connect on
  • You should enter your valid details like phone number, emails or Skype name also
  • You will get popup message for receiving further information
  • Click to complete captcha
  • On your email address you will get a link then click to open it

Outlook Change Password on Different Device

You need to change password on different device but also know its full process then read it here:

For Windows 10 Mail

  • Click on setting
  • Select account section
  • follow new password and keep placing for futures

For Window 8 Mail Account

You should apply on charm bar and then settings option

  • Select your account
  • Enter your desire password
  • Confirm and save settings

For Window Live Mail

  • Go to menu option
  • And click on email account
  • Right click on that email account
  • Remove old password and apply new one

On Thunderbird

  • Go to options area and slick on security tab
  • Open saved password then click to use display password
  • You need to remove old settings and apply new password
  • Restart your mail and use it

On Android

  • Go to menu and click on settings then click on email settings
  • Find incoming setting
  • Update your new password and confirm

Other Methods for Recover Forgot Outlook Password

With Outlook Connected Accounts

  • Select account now
  • Type correct and desired password in the section
  • You will find prompted for changing password successful  

With Outlook Data File

  • Go to tools section
  • Click on account settings
  • Now click on data files
  • Click on outlook data files
  • New window open and click on change your password
  • Now click to enter your old password then fill new password then log out form other devices
  • Save this setting and confirm


  • Tour the Microsoft Report identification reset page.

How to Change Outlook Password on Data File

Your hard disk store lots of information like diary listings, agreements, and examples of expressed and accepted messages, regionally in data files. So that time you use password protection but somehow you need to reset outlook password for future uses then follow below steps to recover outlook password:

  • Choose a selected file
  • Right click on that file and go to data file properties
  • Find advance search options and click to change password
  • Now you need to enter new password and confirm it again
  • Click to ok button and apply settings

How to Change it by Outlook Web App

The Outlook net app (OWA) lets you use the Microsoft e mail customer far from your computer and without requiring installation on some other tool. To exchange the password, surely convey up the account settings by using clicking to your user profile and deciding on “My Account.”

  • Inside the following assessment picks out the item security and privateness.
  • Click on password and the internet app will mechanically redirect you to the touchdown web page wherein you can exchange your Microsoft Outlook password.
  • Input your cutting-edge password and then the brand new password, confirming it another time inside the subsequent line, before finishing the trade and clicking “post.”

Steps to recover Outlook email password

Method 1: Resetting the Password

This is the essential means for obtaining forgotten Outlook password, and it is frequently pointed to as the “standard restoration method”.

  • recover Outlook email password through this common method, follow the guidelines here:
  • Drive to the Reset your password sheet
  • Of the list of “objects”, and pick the suitable purpose.
  • In the presented box, include your replacement email approach
  • Choose in the confirmation letters 
  • Snap-on the next
  • Next to this, you’ll take an affirmation code via the presented email location or phone amount.
  • Insert the confirmation language in the proper box and present an approach.
  • Reset and create a unique identification.
  • recover Outlook email password

Method 2: Using Third-party Software

There are tones of compensation software in the run, any of which can be applied to recover Outlook email and help entrance to your account.

Outlook account hacked

How did a hacker get my password?

Hackers use certain methods to get your description signal.

  • Malware – If you establish a business from the Internet that isn’t from a committed journalist, it might hold malware that logs your keystrokes or seeks your PC for collected keys.
  • Attacking Internet sites – If hackers breach into an Internet site and keep account message, they can terminate it toward other sites to understand if you’ve re-used your signal.
  • Phishing – Hackers often post emails or document words that appear to arrive from an authenticated root to trick people into expressing their record data.

How can I recover my accounts?

If you have a trustworthy antivirus application established, produce positive it’s up to date and later do a sufficient scan of your arrangement. You can download and install Microsoft Security Essentials.

  • Excellent Start.
  • On the Inauguration screen, type Windows Defender in the Research box, or preferred Windows Defender.
  • Regard the guidance on the screen.

Therefore, you require to stop all of it and exchange enough of it

Change the answers to your strange mysteries. They don’t have to equal the topics. all that signifies is that the signs you give when a future report recovery balance the keys you set now.

Check the alternate email address (es) compared with your description, and exclude any you don’t understand. The hacker could have combined his or her individual. Cause surely you have temporary email directions configured, and that they are descriptions that go to you that you can obtain.

Check any phone numbers amalgamated with a specific account. Liquidate any you don’t appreciate. Secure indisputable that if you do render a phone number.

These are the higher items, but various duties use extra notice account recovery. Relish the time now to investigate what that report might be. If it’s something a hacker could have mutilated, change it to something relevant for you.


If you proceed to forget outlook account password, don’t display so severe on yourself. To assure you are ready to ready to reclaim your key and locate the account, we have designed a general guide for you. In this model, we have described the conventional Outlook password recovery method, as well as permanent software resolutions, which you can readily exercise to increase your identification and obtain your email account.