kindle battery life issues How to fix it

Today, in this article I am going to discuss some most important topics related to the Kindle battery. Kindle Fire users should know these things and so I am here to explain to them what they should know about so that they may take care of their Kindle Fire the much better way.

Here, in this article, I will discuss:-

  • Which type of battery should be used with the Kindle Fire?
  • How to check the damaged battery of the Kindle Fire?
  • How to replace the Kindle Battery?
  • What steps should be taken so that the Kindle Fire battery may work for a long time?
  • Best recommended batteries for Kindle Fire.

Let’s discuss all them one by one.

  1. Which type of battery you should use with your Kindle Fire?

The most recommended battery type that should be used with the Kindle Fire is the Alkaline battery. The battery should be manufactured from the reputed company. You should avoid using those batteries that are locally manufactured, as you can’t trust them that much as you can trust on a brand. The Alkaline batteries have a longer life than any other type of batteries. They have much higher capacities than other batteries. They have a longer shelf life, they take less time to get charged back, they are very cost effective, and have a longer life as compared to others, Also the discharging rate of the Kindle Battery is very slow as compared to others, These type of batteries have all the good qualities that a good battery should have, and more importantly, they can be used efficiently with your Kindle Fire.

    2. How to replace the Kindle Battery?

For replacing the Kindle Battery you just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the back cover of your Kindle Fire, same as that of your smart phones.
  • Now you will see the battery fitted inside.
  • The battery may have a small colored device that may be attached to a slot and maybe connecting the battery to the device through some wires.
  • You should carefully remove that small device from the slot. You must take care of that neither the wire nor that small device should have any damage.
  • Once you have carefully removed that small device from the slot, you should carefully remove the battery from the kindle.

Now, it’s time to insert the new battery.

For inserting the new battery, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Insert the new battery into the Kindle Fire, but before that insert the battery, you should insert that small device that is attached to the battery, into the slot provided.
  • Once the device is inserted into the slot, you can easily set the battery.
  • Once the battery is set, you should close the back cover.

That’s great, you have successfully replaced the battery.

  3. Best recommended batteries for Kindle Fire.

You may have known that you should use the Alkaline battery with your Fire Stick, but do you really know which company’s battery you should use. There are so many brands of the battery available in the market, and it may be a bit challenging for you if you don’t know which brand’s battery you will suit your device. So, here I am recommending you some of the best battery brands.

  • Duracell
  • Panasonic
  • Gold Peak
  • GP Batteries
  • Green Works Energy

          4. How to check the damaged battery of the Kindle Fire?

 If your Kindle Fire is not getting started then it may not be always that your battery may have gone dead or your battery may be any way responsible for the issue. Also, If your Kindle Fire is working slow then it can’t be taken as guaranteed that your battery is not responsible for the issue.

There are some procedures to check whether the battery has gone bad or not.

These procedures are:-

Your battery is taking too long to get charged.

Your battery is draining faster than it usually does.

Your battery may have slightly swallowed

Your charger is working fine, but it is your battery that is not accepting the charge.

The battery gets heated rapidly.

Some errors may occur on the Kindle Fire.

       5. What steps should be taken so that the Kindle Fire battery may work for a long time?

There are a few things that if you take care of, then your Kindle Fire battery may work for a long time. Let’s see what they are:-

  • You should avoid using your Kindle Fire when the battery is being charged.
  • You should not overcharge the Kindle Fire battery.
  • You should not use the Kindle Fire if the battery is lower than that of 15%.
  • You should not use the Kindle Fire when it is raining.
  • You should not overuse the Kindle Fire.
  • Virus-infected or the corrupted files installed on the Kindle Fire may also harm the battery, and so they should immediately be removed.
  • You should use the best-preferred charge to charge your Kindle e-reader battery. The local charger may sometimes harm your battery more. The charger should be made by a reputed manufacturer and should be of the best quality.
  • You should not charge the battery if there is thundering outside.
  • Generally, you should try to avoid charging the battery overnight.

How to Increase the Kindle Paperwhite Battery Life

This article is going to going to be very interesting and equally informative. Today, I am going to enlist here some of the methods that you can apply to increase the Kindle Paperwhite battery life. If you are a heavy reader than this blog is especially for you so that you may read more and more.

Let’s come to the point,

Methods to increase the Kindle Paperwhite battery life

Below, I am mentioning some of the methods to increase battery life.

  1. First of all, you should make sure that the battery is working fine. Sometimes either the battery may have got damaged or it may not be compatible enough to work with the Kindle. If the battery is damaged then the only option you have is to replace the battery. But, if the battery is all ok then try the methods given further.
  2. Make sure that your Kindle is updated. An outdated kindle may somehow harm the battery. So, it’s very important to update the device on time. Also, your battery may not be working fine with the outdated version of the Kindle. To update the Kindle, just follow the steps mentioned below.

To update the Kindle Paperwhite:-

  •  Identify the Kindle model.
  • Visit the settings menu.
  • Choose the device information option.
  • Here you get the version of the Kindle you may have using. If any update will be available, you can see the same there and will get automatically be downloaded once connected to the internet. Once the download and the installation get completed, you just have to turn the Kindle off for a while, and then to start it again.

You are done. But, if for some reasons the automatic method could not work then you may opt the manual method too.

Manual method to update the Kindle:-

Download the latest version of the Kindle on your PC or the laptop.

Once the download gets completed, connect the USB cable and the Kindle with the PC or the laptop.

Now, copy the update to your Kindle.

Disconnected the Kindle and PC by removing the USB.

Open the “settings” and then click the dropdown menu.

Here you can find the option “Update your Kindle” or something very similar. Just select it and confirm to start the update. Once the process of updating gets completed, you should restart the device again.

  • Don’t use the Kindle when the battery is getting charged.  It may heat up the device, and thus you devise battery may have a bad impact on it that may result in the decreasing the battery life.
  • By turning off the internet: – The 3G and the WiFi consume a huge portion battery power. From making the internet connection to maintaining the connection, a big part of battery life is eaten during both the processes. So, it’s better to turn off the radios in order to save some battery. The internet should only be connected when needed. It’s not the case only with kindle, but it also applies for any such battery operated devices like your smartphone.
  • By turning down the backlight: – The Kindle Paperwhite comes with the facility of backlight that gives you the best reading experience at night. You can read the e-book at night, and that too without having any trouble. It’s really a good thing but can turn into the bad if you don’t use it properly. It’s ok if you use the backlight during the night. But the same thing if done during the day may not benefit you at all but may harm the battery at it’s best. So, you should make sure to turn off the backlight during day time. This can be done by tapping the top of the screen to bring up the on-screen navigation menu and choosing the light bulb to change the brightness.
  • Auto page refresh should be off: – The Paperwhite has the mechanism of doing the Auto page refresh. It is good for a reason (avoiding web ghosting) though but is equally bad because much of the battery power gets consumed during the process.  So it’s good advice to switch the Auto-refresh option off. I know, it may force you to refresh the page manually, but it is better to do it manually rather than losing the battery life by turning on the Auto page refresh option.
  • Corrupted files in your Kindle are no doubt May also be the reason for the poor battery performance. The bugs present in those files may be responsible for doing so. So, you should make sure to remove the corrupted files asap.
  • You should switch off and on the Kindle again for at least once every week.
  • You should scan the Kindle for at least once every week. For doing this, you have some best antivirus available for the Fire Stick.

I hope that this article may have helped you the better way.