Kindle Critical Battery Issues – How to fix it

Kindle is an amazing device for eBooks provided by Amazon, it has made popular space in the market and people love to buy this device. When you can have access to thousands of books in one device, then you will not like to bear the heavy logistics of physical books. With the eminent features of this device, it is not free from errors and issues. Kindle Critical battery error is one of the most general problems faced by Kindle users. This is an error message which displayed when eBook jammed on empty battery screen or jammed on charging screen. This issue appears when the Kindle battery is 100% vacant.

Kindle eBooks should be operated carefully and it should be managed attentively.  If you are using Kindle excessively or you are using it often, in both case the battery is empty and your screen will appear the message Kindle critical battery error message

If you see this message and your Kindle device is not supported by the battery to connect with power supply

Solution 1 Connect the charger

E-commerce giant Amazon’s Kindle Fire comes as a much more inexpensive device as compared to Apple’s iPad for users looking for a tablet experience in their e-reader devices. However, some security concerns are holding off customers from the much hyped device.

The Fire device requires users to connect their devices to an account and credit card on file. These can be used to make purchases online on the Amazon e-commerce website with just one click. This means anyone, even with limited access to the device can buy anything from e-book, apps, TV Shows to music online with just one click.

What is even more concerning is that, if the user has recently logged into their Amazon shopping application, anyone with access to the device can easily use it to make purchases on the e-commerce giant’s shopping platform.

While anything ordered will be delivered to the user’s primary address, the other user will lose access to the account holder’s credit card if they try to change the delivery address for the purchase.

To relieve the users of their worries, Amazon has announced a software fix within two weeks to address the security concerns. Amazon spokesperson said, “As with all of our products, we continue to make them better fort customers with regular software updates.”

Although easy one-click has been a cornerstone feature in the e-link members of the Kindle family devices, the issue did not gain such traction until the recent release of Amazon Kindle Fire.

E-link devices are, by nature, more personal device optimum for reading and entertainment. However, users were hoping to share the recent Kindle Fire with their families. Therefore the personal feature have become a problem with users sharing their device with their families.

The Fire home screen carousel is another feature concerning to some. The Kindle Fire‘s home screen includes a carousel, which consists of the user’s most recently touched content. For example, a screen grab of the book or website the user was on.

Amazon has confirmed that the upcoming software update will also provide a feature that will allow the user to decide which item appears on the ‘recently used’ carousel.