Kindle Critical Battery Issues – How to fix it

Kindle is an amazing device for eBooks provided by Amazon, it has made popular space in the market and people love to buy this device. When you can have access to thousands of books in one device, then you will not like to bear the heavy logistics of physical books. With the eminent features of this device, it is not free from errors and issues. Kindle Critical battery error is one of the most general problems faced by Kindle users. This is an error message which displayed when eBook jammed on empty battery screen or jammed on charging screen. This issue appears when the Kindle battery is 100% vacant.

Kindle eBooks should be operated carefully and it should be managed attentively.  If you are using Kindle excessively or you are using it often, in both case the battery is empty and your screen will appear the message Kindle critical battery error message

If you see this message and your Kindle device is not supported by the battery to connect with power supply

Solution 1 Connect the charger

You need to connect the charger to your Kindle device and plug it into the power extension or outlet. This is a critical error; we suggest that don’t use your laptop or computer to charge your device, when you usually do with the help of data cable, because it will take more time as compared to the power outlet.

Make sure that charging LED indicator is lighting if i is not showing, remove the charger for few seconds and plug it again. If the light is on, it means that your device is charging. Sometimes we have seen that a critical error make a kindle stop charging after a couple of seconds of the plug-in. Allow your kindle to charge for 4 to 5 hours at least, which will make it a full charge.

Note: However, if you are not having the kindle charger and you want to charge from another power adapter or data cable, then please read instructions of kindle on its back, where you will find the information of electric current and voltage required. For example, Kindle Paperwhite input 5.25V-Max500mA which means that your Kindle device has the capacity to accept the voltage that is under 5.25v.

Solution 2 Push and Hold the power Button for at least One Minute

Connect your kindle charger to the device and then connect to the power outlet, after that you need to push and to hold the power button for minimum one minute and check the device is charging, and when you are doing this action turn off your Kindle device. Check the Led indicator of charger is lighting or not, if the LED is not on, then remove the charger and then reconnect it again. Charge your Kindle device for 5 hours at least, so that the batter can get fully charged

Solution 3 Recovery Mode

If you still see the same Critical Battery screen after charging with the above Solution:

If you find that still the same Critical Battery screen message reflecting in the device besides doing above mentioned tricks then you should do next step. In this step just plug out the USB cable and hold the power slid for 20-30 seconds after that make free the power slide and instantly press and hold the Home key Button for 30 to 45 seconds, by doing that when you see that Kindle battery life screen is showing the flashlight, free the Home Key. It will make your device in reboot mode. Continue this action by pressing and holding the R key till you see the flash comes in kindle acre again. After completing the device rebooting, you might again experience Kindle Critical Battery screen, if you see the same, now plug in USB cable and hold it until the Kindle is back to the Home screen.

Solution 4 Get your Kindle in a Ziploc Bag

If you find that the aforesaid solution is also failed to troubleshoot the critical battery screen issue or it may be possible that your battery is dead. In that case, first of all, you should put your Kindle device in Ziploc Bag and make it air tight and keep it in the freezer of your refrigerator for 1 day (24 hours). If the problem gets worsen then you should contact to the service center and contact the Kindle device Customer Care Phone number for an immediate solution. There you will get to communicate with the experts who have the expertise to troubleshoot the glitches of this device.  However first you should try all these mentioned techniques at your home, may be your problem get resolved but if somehow the problem still exists in your device, then it is a sign to ask the technical assistance from the customer care team.