ATT Net email settings – The ultimate guide

ATT Net email settings

For using the SBCGlobal email login service, you must have the email settings done very accurately. It’s not a big deal in doing so. You just need some basic knowledge, and you see how easy it is to do the AT&T email settings. The very first time, it may be a bit confusing for you to understand the things, and so, here I am to guide you on how to do the AT&T email server setting. No matter, what type of device supporting the AT&T email login you may have, or how you get access to the AT&T email account, but the method to do the settings is almost the same with some little differences.

First, let’s see,

AT&T Email server settings normally.

Normally, you can do the ATT email settings as given below.

  1. Visit the IMAP setting, and provide the incoming mail server address “”.
  2. Write port number 995.
  3. Provide the SBCGlobal email address in the username field.
  4. Provide the password in the password field.
  5. Now, go to the SMTP settings, and provide the server address “”.
  6. Mention port number 465 or 587.
  7. Provide the SBCGlobal email account as the username.
  8. Enter the password.
  9. Finally, confirm your submission, and click the finish button to get your work done.

Here, I will describe the method to do the ATT email settings on the iPhone.

ATT email settings iPhone

Doing The ATT email setting on the iPhone is so much easy. You just have to follow the steps given below, and you are done.

  1. Take your iPhone very carefully.
  2. Visit the settings menu by pressing the “Settings” icon in the iPhone home screen.
  3. Click the “Accounts” option. Now, you will see the existing email account.
  4. In the next step, click the “Add account” option.
  5. Now, visit the “Add mail account” option by tapping the “Other” option, and then choosing the “Add mail account”.
  6. Once, you are ready to add a new account, you have to provide your name in the “Name” field”.
  7. After that, you have to provide the SBCGlobal email address in the “Email” field, and then provide the account password.
  8. In the next field, you will be asked to provide the description. It’s up to you whether to write something here or to leave it blank.
  9. Now click the Next button.
  10. Now, it’s time to select the POP option that you may see at the top of your screen.
  11. Provide the incoming server address in the given field for the same, and then provide the SBCGlobal email address in the email address field, and the password too, in the password field.
  12. Now click the “Next” button to get access to the outgoing mail server form.
  13. Once, the form gets open, provide the outgoing server address, port number, SBCGlobal email address, and password in their respective fields.
  14. Finally, once the above-mentioned process gets completed, you have to click the Save option to get your settings saved.
  15. Now, you have successfully done the ATT email server setting in the iPhone.

Some important data that you should remember to fill the incoming mail server form and the outgoing mail server forms as well are:-

  • The incoming email server address should be, and the outgoing mail server address should be
  • The port number for the incoming mail server should be 995, and that of outgoing mail server should be 465.

Before doing the AT&T email setting, it is mandatory to update your iPhone to the latest version.

If you are looking for how to do the SBCGlobal email settings in outlook, then here it is:-

ATT email settings outlook

Here I am providing the solution by assuming that I have the Microsoft outlook 2013. Understand the process very carefully, and apply the same in order to do the settings.

Steps are:-

  1. After opening the Microsoft outlook, you have to visit the “File” tab, and then the “Add account” tab to create the new account.
  2. Choose either of Manual settings and the Additional Server types.
  3. Select either of POP and IMAP and click the next button.
  4. Provide the name and email address in the fields given for the same, and then choose the Account Type “POP3”.
  5. Now, you have to enter the incoming mail server address and the outgoing mail server address that are “”, and the “” respectively.
  6. Now, again enter the email address in the email address field, and create the password in the password field.
  7. After that, click “More Settings”, then choose the email address “Outgoing server” field, and then select the “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication.”
  8. Now, visit the “Advanced” tab, and then choose the SSL, and after that provide the incoming port number 995.
  9. Similarly, for the SMTP setting, after selecting the SSL, you have to mention the port number 465 as the outgoing port number.
  10. Finally, click ok, and the “Next” to configure the mailbox, and then “Finish” to complete the setup.

That’s it; you have done the job successfully.

Now, it’s very important for you to understand how the SBCGlobal server settings work, and what type of issues you may have to face after doing errors in the settings.

Let’s see,

How ATT email server settings Work

The ATT or sbcglobal email server settings is actually divided into two parts. The first one is IMAP, and the second one is SMTP.

The IMAP setting is also known as “Internet Message Access Protocol”. It is responsible for delivering other’s sent emails to your email inbox. So, it should be very clear that if you make any mistake here, then you are about to face the issue in receiving emails by others.

Similarly, the SMTP setting is known by the name “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. It is responsible for sending your emails to others. So, if you make any mistake here in doing the SMTP setting, then you are about to get the issue in sending emails to others. The server addresses and the port numbers are the most prominent things that do all the work actually. So, these fields must be correct always. How to fix att email login & att dsl outage issues.

Some of the common errors that may occur in the ATT server settings are 521, 652314 and so on. These errors may be fixed very easily with the help of customer support by contacting them through the toll-free number. They are always ready to support you, to fix your issues, to clear your doubts, and to guide you the best way.  They are available 24*7 to help their customers.